Four reasons that the GPS monitoring platform is inconsistent with the current vehicle location information

  When using GPS locator, this happens occasionally: when the device is normal, it is found that the location information of vehicle is not consistent with the location information of current vehicle on vehicle monitoring platform.

      Don't panic. It's not a big problem. What is the specific factor that causes the platform and the current location of the vehicle information is not consistent, the following is to let the small editor to explain it! 

  一、Signal refresh delay

  This usually occurs when the equipment installation, equipment from start to receive the GPS signal, GPRS signal transmission and position information of a signal delay, leading to the platform location information display is not timely, there is a 3 to 5 minute deviation and real vehicle position.

  Probability of occurrence:★☆

  Solve the difficulty:★

  Solution: restart the equipment or move the vehicle.

  二、Delay of vehicle delay leads to position update delay

  When the vehicle stays in the same position (over 5 days) to move again, to update the location information of the vehicle will have a 3 minute delay, causing the vehicle has run away, or display position information in place.

  Probability of occurrence:★☆

  Solve the difficulty:★☆

  Solution: one is waiting about 3 minutes or so; two is the sending device restarting the instruction and fast positioning.

  三、Base station location in weak environment of vehicle environment signal

  Some GPS devices are divided into two location modes: GPS location and base station location. The location of base stations is the location mode enabled under the condition of poor GPS signal. The principle is to get location information of mobile terminal users (traffic card) in the telecom network, such as GSM network, and the accuracy of location information depends on the coverage density of the base stations around the vehicle.

  If the vehicle travels or stays in the GPS signal such as underground parking lot, tunnel, garage and so on, the device will start the location of the base station, select the nearest signal base station as the location information of the vehicle, and make the position of the platform deviate from the vehicle position.

  Probability of occurrence:★★☆

  Solve the difficulty:★

      Solution: the vehicle moves to the normal area of the GPS signal and can be restored to normal.

  四、Wireless devices regularly upload location information, not real-time

  The location mode of GPS wireless devices is to upload position information at the set time point, not the real-time positioning mode of the wired equipment. For example, a wireless device positioning time is 12:00 noon every day, so every day at noon before the 12:00 position information of position information for the day before 12:00, 12:00 shows the current location information of the vehicle, after second days of 12:00, the vehicle position information display platform are upload location information 12:00.

  So if you find the location information of the platform is different from the current vehicle location when you use the wireless device, it's normal. Location information is the location information uploaded by the last device. Of course, you can also get more timely information on the vehicle location by adjusting the frequency of the location information to be uploaded by the device.

  Probability of occurrence:★

  Solve the difficulty:☆

  The solution is to adjust the frequency of the wireless device to upload the information or to use the wired equipment to obtain the real-time positioning function.


  Summary: in addition to the reason of the equipment itself, the location information of GPS monitoring platform and vehicle display does not match the most GPS signal position by the vehicle caused by poor, so when find their location information when there are differences, waiting for the vehicle to move to GPS signal smooth place, often can solve most of the problems.