For the ultrasonic RESIVE solution GPS fuel consumption monitoring program

  Introduction of ultrasonic vehicle GPS fuel consumption monitoring scheme

  RESIVE GPS fuel consumption monitoring system based on GPS positioning system as the basis, combined with the oil quantity sensor, to achieve the vehicle fuel consumption of 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring, and generate the curve and data report, prevent drivers Touyou, solve the high cost operation of modern logistics.

    GPS oil consumption monitoring: real-time monitoring of vehicle oil consumption changes, and generating historical period oil volume change report or oil volume curve, displayed on the user's computer. It can directly reflect the normal consumption of oil and the abnormal consumption of oil and the insufficient quantity of refueling, so as to achieve the high level of oil consumption management.

  RESIVE is GPS ultrasonic monitoring management system working principle of fuel consumption:

  Ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor by using externally bonded mounting adhesive, the bottom surface of the box body central position, through the application of external excitation source to drive the ultrasonic sensor in the ceramic layer of a wafer, using issued the original mechanical wave and receives back liquids reflecting the mechanical wave time difference, combined with the realization of ultrasonic velocity and the height of the box body surface of preliminary measurement.

  The fuel consumption monitoring sensor has wide applicability. It is cheap, pollution-free and signal processing relatively easy to conduct sound in gas medium, liquid medium or solid medium, so the ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor will become an important peripheral accessory of vehicle monitoring system.

  Logistics enterprises are eager to have a more sophisticated fuel consumption management system to improve fuel consumption management level, control fuel consumption abnormality, and effectively promote energy saving and emission reduction.


  The traditional way of oil consumption monitoring and its disadvantages

  1. tank burglar burglar

  Measures: tank lock and sealed strainer etc..

  Malpractice: the black spot that is good at stealing oil can be used in various ways, such as pipe pumping, oil tank drainage, oil pipe pumping and so on, and can still pump oil easily. The anti-theft measures of the oil tank are reduced to the psychological comfort of the transportation enterprises, and it has almost no effect.

  2. oil tank oil monitoring (oil float)

  Measures: adding oil float to monitor oil tank level and alarm function

  Disadvantages: there are hidden security risks, no explosion-proof safety certification. Because of the natural defects of the device design, whether it is physical or oil drilling to install floating buoy, were unable to achieve precise control; when the vehicle is on the downhill, bumpy will happen when the false alarm, if the detection standard, then again to Touyou behavior opened convenient ways.

  3. quota management or contract

  Measures: adopt the quota of fuel consumption management or contract. That is, set a hundred kilometers of oil consumption limit, the quota contract or in accordance with the festival super implementation of the reward and punishment scheme.

  Malpractice: the quota data of oil consumption is usually set by experience. Under the following circumstances: full load, light load and overload; uphill road and downhill section; high speed road, urban road; sunny and rainy days; downwind and adverse wind; vehicle type, vehicle condition and age difference.

  The oil consumption difference, the quota oil consumption can only take the maximum value. In order to get higher quota fuel consumption, drivers often form interest alliance, and use various means to collectively request higher fuel consumption quota for transportation enterprises, such as: synergy from oil tank pumping leads to high operating oil consumption; quota test drive drivers deliberately increase fuel consumption and so on.



  RESIVE GPS ultrasonic oil consumption monitoring system

  1. guard against oil stealing

  To test the actual engine fuel consumption for fuel consumption basis, so the behavior of oil stealing or false fuel bills behavior from the tank has no meaning, because through the fuel consumption display or background monitoring terminal, you can easily read the actual vehicle fuel consumption.

  2. optimizing operation cost

  By collecting and analyzing the statistical monitoring data, the oil consumption and mileage at any time period can be counted, and the oil consumption per kilometre and the cost of oil per ton kilometer per kilometer are calculated.

  Further analysis of different operating parameters, such as mileage, time, oil consumption, is made to determine the normal consumption, abnormal loss or active loss.

  Based on the data used in the transportation management practice, to prevent the occurrence of abnormal loss, simplify the work of planning and statistics, makes the oil into the management of modern management, the actual quantitative data mainly from the original management based on experience and accurate cost, promote energy saving.

  3. optimize driver's driving behavior

  Through real-time monitoring of oil consumption data, the driver's driving habits and behavior can be effectively improved, and the normal fuel consumption can be reduced.

  The requirements of the fleet are characterized by:

  I asked for the driver, the best route planning guidelines

  After the requirements of the vehicle unified management and scheduling efficiency, improve vehicle utilization

  You are required to master the real-time vehicle information, real-time monitoring of the implementation of the vehicle

  This driver is not required to eliminate unreasonable oil, oil spills, false refueling, the high cost of bridge crossing

  We need to prevent illegal driving, ensure traffic safety

  Rise as the main function of GPS ultrasonic fuel consumption monitoring and management system:

  (1) real-time monitoring: time measurement of oil volume in the tank, and upload oil information, interval time can be set;

  (2) refueling records: when the refueling end is reported, the beginning and end of the refueling and the amount of oil information;

  (3) oil stealing records: when the oil is finished, the time of the beginning and end of the oil and the information of the oil are reported.

  (4) GPS positioning: it can monitor the location and speed, direction, parking time and other information of the vehicle in real time.

  Scope of application

  The product is for all kinds of vehicles, especially for fuel monitoring of buses, trucks, cranes, forklifts, trailers, tractors, dump trucks, flatcars, mining trucks, special vehicles, locomotives, diesel generators, oil tanks, oil depots, etc.