Shenzhen RESIVE for 10 common problems with your detailed anatomy GPS locator

     The GPS locator brings great convenience to people, and there will be a lot of questions for people who first come into contact with the GPS locator. People often encounter some operational problems in using the GPS locator process, following Shenzhen RESIVE as Editors to answer some common problems, in order to enable our customers to understand.

  Does the GPS locator navigation and positioning service charge?

  It is good to be glad that the GPS locator does not charge any other fees for the service. It only needs to purchase an GPS location product, such as GPS's mobile phone, GPS's PDA, or vehicle GPS product, or even GPS module, so that it can enjoy the satellite location service free.

  Is the GPS locator universal?

  Yes, the GPS locator is actually a satellite signal receiver that can be used in any place that can receive a signal. It's just for us to use, and the local map software.


  What factors affect the reception of the GPS locator signal?

  (1) the US Department of Defense's SA satellite signal interference (the US government, for its own safety considerations, has conducted a kind of interference called "SA Selective Availability") to ensure that its military system has the best effectiveness. Due to the random entry of error information in the navigation message by SA, the positioning accuracy of the civil signal C/A code is reduced to about 100 meters. However, using the differential GPS technology, the system error can be reduced to 10 to 15 meters. )

  (2) weather factors (including sunspots, bad weather and so on to reduce the intensity of receiving signals)

  (3) under the shielding of the building, the vehicle, the insulation paper, or the metal component, the GPS signal will be reduced or completely lost. In the open space, the receiving signal of the GPS equipment is the best.

  How often does the GPS locator signal be updated once?

  The satellite signal is transmitted once a second, so the signal received by the GPS locator is also updated once a second.


  How can the GPS locator be able to complete the positioning?

  Because the GPS locator is the triangle positioning principle, so to receive satellite signals to locate more than three success, while in the four satellite signal can be obtained by the height value, but usually the height error is large, after all, the earth is not a simple sphere.

  What is the reason that the GPS locator can't be positioned?

  (1) the GPS locator signal is easily obstructed by the building and metal, so make sure that your GPS locator is used outdoors.

  (2) if you are unable to locate in the car, put the GPS locator on the roof first, then try the GPS locator after cold start, and then put it in the car after being normal.

  (3) please check whether your GPS locator is connected to your device.

  Is there a "delay" phenomenon in the GPS locator?

  (1) the receiver's connection efficiency;

  (2) the CPU speed of PDA or PC and the reading speed of memory card;

  (3) PDA's RAM should have more than 20MB space to allow navigation software to operate;

  (4) the signal of the GPS locator is transmitted once per second, and it is also related to more or less.


  Why is the GPS locator navigation "drifting"?

  Since the early GPS locator is weak, it will always be broken, especially when it is used for navigation in the city, which makes a lot of inconvenience to the trip. Later developed some civil GPS locator chips, the signal is not strong enough GPS locator signal also income, thus resulting in the phenomenon of drift. But in the same case, the earlier GPS products will be completely broken until the satellite can be found to be strong enough to begin to accept. So this is a relatively contradictory choice, but with the continuous development and upgrading of software and hardware, it is believed that this situation will be less and less.

  The current type and price of GPS locator?

  At present, the market sales of GPS locators are mainly divided into three categories: the vehicle GPS locator, the /PDA with the GPS function, and the GPS module. The price of the vehicle GPS terminal products in the mainstream of several hundred dollars, of course, luxury also sold thousands of yuan price; the GPS function of the mobile phone is usually expensive, at least to hundreds, and relatively more single species, this kind of PDA is fairly cheap, the cheapest only 100 yuan; the GPS module can be said that the most cost-effective, the price range in 100 yuan.

  In addition, it also includes specialized GPS products, such as customized GPS products for mountaineering, navigation and industry. These products are quite different in terms of usage, and the price is far from what they are.

  Buy a GPS locator and pick a map. What should you pay attention to?

  At present, there are many GPS locator maps on the market, and which purchase is largely based on personal preferences. However, the most important thing is that the purchase is whether we need to consider whether the map supports online update and free update time, because the old and new map has great impact on the use.


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