RESIVE technical parameters of 2G/3G/4G DTU wireless data transmission terminal

  RESIVE 2G/3G/4G DTU is an industrial wireless data transmission equipment, wireless network to support telecommunications, mobile and China Unicom three operators, support wireless network: GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/EVDO/LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD;












       The device provides users with TCP transparent wireless remote data transmission or UDP transparent wireless remote data transmission function. Equipment support serial RS232 interface, RS485 interface, RS422 interface, TTL interface or USB interface, the interface device can be directly connected to the customer equipment directly to customers, PLC equipment, industrial equipment, data transmission to the customer's data center, to achieve the client end equipment of data acquisition, data transmission, equipment control and other functions.


  This product adopts ARM9 industrial grade high performance embedded processor in real-time operating system as the software platform, large memory, with independent intellectual property rights of the TCP/IP protocol stack; equipment support dual data center backup, data center and data synchronization function; equipment to provide online maintenance technology, keep the data terminal permanent online, save the data link any time unimpeded, the realization of TCP/UDP transparent data transmission function of high speed, stable and reliable. According to the network traffic and power sensitive customers, the product supports voice, SMS, data line and automatic disconnection timeout trigger function, reducing the flow reduce power and achieve low power consumption function.


  The product has ARM9 industrial processor and intelligent three level protection, it not only through the power 3000V electric shock test, but also has patented technology, product performance is stable and reliable. This product has been widely used in electric power centralized meter reading, water meter centralized meter reading, heat supply monitoring, gas monitoring, water conservancy monitoring, environmental protection testing, weather monitoring, earthquake monitoring, traffic control and so on.









     Two, product characteristics


  Industrial Design


  1. industrial grade CPU: industrial high performance embedded processing, cache data, speed up high-speed data access; with slow village, high-speed instruction cache, to strengthen the instruction processing speed.


  2. industrial level wireless module: industrial level wireless module, strong anti-interference, stable transmission.


  3. real-time operating system: using LINUX2.6 operating system, with memory management unit, real-time, fast upgrade function, stable system, with a perfect TCP/IP protocol stack; or embedded UCOS operating system.


  4. to strengthen the circuit board: PCB by 20H and 3W follow the principle, at the same time, all products are using circuit board materials to ensure the production of health benefits, the board is stable and reliable.


  5. industrial grade components: the whole machine components are produced by strict screening of industrial grade components.


  6. industrial power supply: wide voltage power supply design, the power supply range is DC6V~DC32V, built-in power reverse protection and over-voltage over-current protection.







       Stable and reliable


  1. three layer system protection: in the original two level (software protection watchdog WDT +CPU built-in protection) system based on protection, increase the level of virtual duty system VWM (Virtual Man Watch) detection and protection function, ensure that the system is stable and reliable


  2. UIM/SIM card ESD protection: 1.8V/3V/5V standard push type user card interface, built-in 15KV ESD protection.


  3. serial ESD protection: RS232/RS485/TTL/RS422, built-in 15KV ESD protection.


  4. metal shell: the metal shell, anti radiation, anti interference; lightning protection design of shell and system security isolation, with the power; safety requirements; protection grade IP41; especially suitable for the field of industrial control environment.


  5. all wireless modules are authenticated by CGD, FCC or CE.


  6. high speed CPU processing: the high speed performance of industrial CPU, can handle various high-speed data transfer protocol; the industry to solve "fake online" and "fake crash", "crash" and other difficult problems.


  7. ultra large memory: FLASH64Mbits, SDRAM, 256Mbits (different types of memory different), there are large memory to cache customer data sent, while receiving large data packets, data is not lost.


  8. DNS automatic acquisition: automatic access to DNS, no longer need to manually configure input DNS; because the choice of DNS server to avoid the abnormal phenomenon of DTU equipment, resulting in serious crash.


  9. perfect protocol stack: the new system loaded with a perfect TCP/IP protocol stack, using a perfect TCP/IP protocol stack, so that the network communication performance is excellent, the probability of dropping greatly reduced.


  10. EMC performance is excellent: through electric power 3000V electric shock test, especially suitable for industrial environment harsh environment use; system EMC/EMI is excellent, the system is stable and reliable; through the EMC test;










  1. TCP transparent data transmission and UDP transparent data transmission; support a variety of working modes


  2. support virtual data private network (APN/VPDN)


  3. support dual data center backup and multi data center (8) to receive data, the maximum support of the transmission center up to 256


  4. intelligent anti dropping. Support online testing, online maintenance, dropped the automatic redial, ensure that the equipment is always online


  5. remote wake up: support SMS, voice, data and other wake-up mode and timeout disconnect network connection


  6. support fixed IP communication mode; support DDNS dynamic domain name communication mode


  7. support SMS remote configuration, remote control; support short message alarm


  8. rich interface: provide RS232 interface or RS485 interface or TTL interface or RS422 interface or USB interface, full interface support.


  9. perfect network support: providing 2G network (GSM network), 2.5G network (GPRS network), 2.75G network


  EDGE network, 3G network (WCDMA network, EVDO network, TD-SCDMA network), 4G network (HSPA+)


  Network, LTE network, product support of whole network.


  10. packet transmission status report


  11. standard AT command interface


  12. can be used as an ordinary dial-up MODEM


  13. support serial port software upgrade


  14. supports both LINUX, UNIX and WINDOWS operating systems








  Simple and easy to use


  1. graphical configuration tools: perfect graphical configuration tools, providing rapid configuration function, to achieve rapid customer configuration; batch configuration capabilities, batch device configuration.


  2. center software: provide C#, VC, VB, DEPHI center end software, convenient customer testing.


  3. provide a variety of dynamic library DLL: the company provides C#, VC, VB, DEPHI center end software dynamic library support, and provide the use of documentation, to facilitate the rapid development of client end application software.


  4. rich third party software support: including the control software, the main software for 3D force control software, support (Reith select "driver (Sang Rong)" or "Saro" drive), can directly buy third party software to the project, to achieve fast stable and low cost to complete the project.


  5. check software: provide serial debugging software, network speed detection software, provide different debugging level output, convenient for customers to view various information, quick positioning problem.