RESIVE Intelligent heating insole makes you no longer cold in winter

  Smart wearable device market is booming in the ascendant, many smart wearable device manufacturers are doing everything possible to our daily life in the form of smart devices in front of us in front of us


  So there are now intelligent kettle, smart badminton racket, intelligent rice cooker, etc., there are many products, most people can not imagine that they can make intelligent devices. Now, there's a new product coming out of their team, and it's surprising to us too.


  It is the RESIVE for intelligent heating insole, smart insole a main function of warm. From the appearance, it is no different from ordinary insoles, but actually it contains mystery. In the intelligent heating insole Ruisi bottom has a USB interface and a switch is also arranged inside the heating element, batteries, sensors etc..


  In order to facilitate the user to adjust the temperature inside the shoe, RESIVE for intelligent heating insoles with built-in Bluetooth 4. Users download the supporting App, you can directly adjust the temperature on the phone, the current App has been oriented to Android and iOS platform. Intelligent heating insoles Ruisi let users can get the most suitable temperature.


  RESIVE to a temperature controller built-in intelligent heating insoles can monitor the temperature inside the shoe, once the insole is lower than the preset temperature, will automatically adjust. At the same time in order to ensure the safety of users, avoid misoperation due to damage, intelligent heating insole Ruisi will be close to 55 degrees Celsius temperature limit is 35-.