Cold feet? Come and try it for RESIVE smart insole!

This should be a cold winter, only October had a substantial cooling, especially in the north, many places have started to snow, the success of the winter. A lot of young partners have begun preparing for the winter equipment. Trembling, Xiao Bian here for you to see a very warm RESIVE for intelligent equipment intelligent rechargeable insoles, not only may have a fever, also very smart.



There is no doubt that the RESIVE for smart insole is for people in cold areas, as well as playing ice play snow lovers. The built-in battery is used to warm your feet and warm your feet. And the intelligence can be linked with mobile phone App, to control the insole temperature, to ensure that outdoors is not cold, not hot in the hot room.
We used the extremely comfortable material and the overall high security smart insole. After 4 years of research and testing, the smart insole is extremely light and does not significantly affect the comfort of shoes.


I believe we are very concerned about the RESIVE of intelligent insole battery can maintain long heating, according to official reports, the heating time is about 5 hours. It doesn't seem to last for a day, but we're not likely to be outdoors all day, so it shouldn't be a big problem to actually use it for a day.
How to RESIVErechargeable smart insole is very exciting, will you buy?