E10 data acquisition box

E10 data acquisition, through the expansion of multi serial interface, data acquisition sensor, and these data to pass to the V210 locator, through GPRS and SMS double mode communication mode, upload to the service center. To achieve oil monitoring, temperature monitoring and other functions. The terminal is stable, reliable, full function, and many interfaces. It is widely used in the field of real-time monitoring, multi-channel data acquisition function, and can be tailored according to different industries, different user needs.

Main features

1.         terminal small size, easy installation;

2.          support 4 way 5V equipment power supply;

3.         has address code switch, supports up to 4 channels cascade, can support 16 serial devices at most;

4.         485 bus communication;

5.         a collection box supports external four serial peripherals (such as capacitive oil sensor, ultrasonic oil sensor, temperature sensor, etc.);

6.          low voltage automatic power off, to prevent automotive battery over discharge, and jumper to choose 10V/20V low-voltage power, respectively, to meet the requirements of 12V/24V automotive batteries

7.        automatic power-off of high voltage power supply. When the external power supply is higher than 48V, the external power is stopped to prevent the external high voltage from damaging the equipment.

Detailed specifications


3.1、Hardware parameter

working voltage


Working current


Communication protocol


Extended peripherals

It also supports four serial peripherals (capacitive oil sensor, ultrasonic oil sensor, temperature sensor, etc.)

External power supply

5V can be supplied to the external sensor, the current reaches 1A



working temperature

-30° 80° C

Storage temperature

-40° 105° C


5% 95% Non freezing

Terminal size

102 mm ×60mm × 24mm

LED lamp

Red: communicate with host; green light: communicate with sensor;