OBD10 GPS smart terminal, built in industrial CDMA communication module and the latest high sensitivity GPS positioning module, using GPRS and SMS dual mode communication mode.

  Directly insert the terminal into the automobile OBD interface to realize the vehicle positioning, OBD diagnostic information collection and transmission. The terminal is stable and reliable, widely used in the car, rental, rental vehicles and other fields of positioning, monitoring, can also be tailored according to different industries, different user needs.

Product function list


Main function Sub function Function description
Vehicle remote monitoring function Real time location query Vehicle position state
Timing monitoring Set monitoring interval
Software remote upgrade Manufacturers need to cooperate
Remote control Lock / door, rise / fall window, turn on / off the light
Vehicle alarm function Displacement alarm Illegal mobile alarm
Speed Alarm Speed Alarm
Parking timeout Alarm when main power supply is lower than 10V
Low voltage alarm Alarm when main power supply is lower than 10V
Power off alarm Alarm when main power supply is lower than 5V
OBD function System fault diagnosis When the system fault is detected by OBD, the platform displays the fault content
Anti-theft function When the signal of door, ACC, remote control, brake and instrument lamp changes, the terminal is reported to the platform immediately. (this function is related to the car type)
OBD data information The data stream is uploaded to the platform, and the data stream contains the engine load, water temperature, oil volume, mileage and speed equivalence
Other functions Low power mode Automobile flameout enters low power mode after 5 minutes

C OBD locator product description


  N mobile phone software query: software installed on the phone, real-time inquiry vehicle position, playback track, real-time tracking.

  N acceleration positioning: UBLOX 7 generation positioning chip, with AGPS fast auxiliary positioning

  N remote monitoring: mobile phones send monitoring instructions to the terminal, the terminal actively calls to the phone, to achieve monitoring function.

  N precision electronic fence: when the vehicle out of the set of electronic fence, the phone will receive alerts, mobile phones can be opened, closed, intelligent user-friendly design.