RESIVE:The 6 trick to treat the GPS locator!

  Do you often use the GPS locator positioning car position? You are relying on GPS car chase debt collection car loan users? You need to use the GPS management team captain? If it is, you must know why GPS locator will not.



  GPS is the global positioning system in the United States, you can not GPS, but even with the Russian GLONASS or Chinese Beidou navigation system, the principle is the same. Satellite positioning is located by determining the relative position of the satellite, and at least 4 satellites need to be searched for positioning.

  You can also use WiFi Positioning, base station positioning and other colorful auxiliary positioning means, but the actual effect is not so reliable.


  Why not? Because the road is difficult.

  The satellite sends signals from the outer space of tens of thousands of miles to the ground, through the complex ionosphere and the atmosphere of the variable. It is unavoidable to produce refraction and all kinds of interference. Even weather and solar activity will affect the results of the GPS locator.

  In order to eliminate the error caused by these factors, some talented engineers think of the difference. However, a set of differential equipment is tens of thousands, and it is also very troublesome to use.

  You can't afford the difference, and don't give up the treatment

  In fact, the factors that affect the accuracy of the GPS locator can be more than that. Even if there is no difference, the error can be only a few meters. As long as it is not blind, the GPS locator is enough. Well, follow me with the treatment:

  Looking up at the starry sky, the better the sky is, the better

  The more open you are, the more satellites you can search. Although 4 stars can be located in principle, more satellites are involved in the calculation, and the positioning is more stable and more accurate.


  If you can't see the vast sky, try to make your South more open, especially when using the Beidou navigation system. Because we are in the northern hemisphere.

  In daylight, don't be afraid of the sun.

  In the sun of the day, "under the eaves of a good shade" is one of the people said after listen to very comfortable. But if you want to be accurate, do not hide under the eaves, but be far away from the tall buildings.

  Because you will receive the satellite signal detour (called multipath effect). So in the place where the tall buildings stand, your GPS positioning results may be a few blocks away.


  Sometimes people will wonder why in the room, the GPS locator cannot locate the thousands of dollars, and cheap equipment? It is because cheap equipment in blind positioning; and those professional equipment have choke ring antenna, the signal can shield the detour off.

  Far away from high power electronic devices.

  The GPS positioning signal is broadcast from a remote satellite, so the GPS signal is a weak signal, and the ability to resist interference is not too strong. Even if Russia known as the strong anti-jamming ability of actual GLONASS, are not much stronger.

  Before there is no shielding anti GPS locator detection function is more fragile, in addition to the GPS signal interference instrument prepared, and radar may completely block the GPS positioning signal jamming.

  Be patient and wait for it to be located

  Would you like to buy a new mobile phone positioning effect is very slow? There is no feeling for a long time without GPS after gone? Do you feel under the plane, high-speed mobile phone positioning suddenly slow to doubt life? Open the positioning on the high-speed rail will not interrupt, but once interrupted even not?


  Don't worry, your GPS device is not bad. The starting of the GPS equipment, the start of heat transfer, the warm start and the cold start. When your GPS is used frequently, it still remembers the location of the satellite, so it will soon find the satellite. However, if it doesn't open GPS for a long time, or suddenly it will go far away, it will have to relocate the satellite. As long as it has been successfully positioned one time, it can be used normally.

  A new version of the GPS device

  Professionals say, in fact, the so-called "lost star" and electromagnetic interference, not because of external interference, but the equipment hardware failures... A good number of GPS locators work stably on the one hand, and on the other hand, the positioning accuracy will be higher. The small editor is not the heart to let everyone chop hands, the fact is that the more new locators in these years the faster the search star, the more accurate positioning.


  Different from the integration of mobile phones and GPS positioning module, many GPS locators use the international industrial grade GPS card, even in tunnel or basement, enabling smooth technology or simple inertial positioning system to take effect.

  GPS positioning, fixed is the location of the device antenna

  The GPS locator, the result of the location of the data, shows the position of the antenna. The GPS antenna is essential for satellite positioning.