Don't say don't know, the OBD system is not the same as the fuel consumption RESIVE for you

  The online monitoring technology of oil consumption monitoring not only to meet the high accuracy and timeliness requirements, but also to do a simple monitoring device is possible, to reduce the impact on the normal work of the vehicle. According to the above requirements, based on the design of a OBD (On-Board Diagnosis) vehicle oil consumption online monitoring system interface.



  In the course of the vehicle, to obtain real-time data through the vehicle engine cylinder OBD fuel consumption monitoring system, according to the air-fuel ratio method. The calculated fuel consumption tests prove that different vehicles, the system can quickly and accurately obtain the vehicle fuel consumption.OBD online as a proprietary name abbreviation, its full name is On Board Diagnostics. Chinese means: automatic diagnosis system of vehicle.



  This set of OBD fuel system can work with other modules of the real-time monitoring of electronic control system of engine and vehicle in the vehicle running process, if found abnormal conditions, according to the specific algorithm to determine the fault, and the fault diagnosis code (DTC Diagnostic, Trouble Codes) in the form of memory in the system. The useful information obtained from the diagnostic system can provide help for vehicle maintenance and maintenance, maintenance personnel can use the original car instrument read fault codes, which can locate the fault, in order to vehicle repair, reduce artificial diagnosis time.

  In 2008 July, the domestic market began to force the sale of vehicles on all markets must be equipped with this agreement, the popularity of this agreement makes the vehicle testing work has been greatly simplified, a detector can detect multiple brands of vehicles. The OBD interface is the communication interface of the vehicle monitoring system, in addition to read the fault code for repair, the primary function is that it can provide a variety of condition data of the vehicle, in addition to the vehicle instrument display data, the actual road in the computer recorded data much more, including many non driving computer screen configuration of the vehicle, in fact the fuel consumption records, battery voltage, air-fuel ratio, solar term door opening, knock quantity of data in the system are recorded, instantaneous fuel consumption theory can be read from the mouth of the OBD ECU engine.

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