Offline reason and solution of GPS locator


  In the process of using the GPS locator, many people may have encountered the same problem, is the GPS locator go offline, that is what causes and how to solve it? The following for Guangdong RESIVE summarized the causes and solutions.


  One reason: the SIM card in the GPS locator is in arrears.

  Solution: contact after sales payment.

  Reason two: in the signal blind area, such as vehicles in the underground parking, weak signal area of the tunnel.

  Solution: This is a more common case where the platform cannot receive information about the GPS locator, and it is recommended to leave the area of the signal gap.

  Reason three: SIM card contact is not good;

  Solution: contact the supplier to reinstall the SIM card.

  Four reasons: GPS locator installed in the closed space of metal objects, the device can not receive the GPS signal sent by the mobile base station.

  Solution: re install the location of the GPS locator.

  Reason five: the device is in shutdown state (not started).

  Solution: reboot.

  Reason six: the server did not receive the reported data

  Solution: it may be that the device of the vehicle GPS locator is out of order, or the server is out of order. Timely contact with suppliers, the equipment does not report data or offline situation clearly stated, easier to solve the problem.