Intelligent heating insole notes RESIVE

  1、Please check whether the function is intact and then trim size! Trim size should not be smaller than the smallest size line!



  2, it is prohibited to use the electric heating shoe and accessories to remove, or bent over, so as to avoid the loss of the electric heating chip.


  3, if the product maintenance, please use the wet cloth or brush gently scrub, not washing machine!

  4, suggest wearing loose shoes, please do not wear this hot insole for strenuous exercise!


  5, if not use this product for a long time, please fill the battery after the battery, stored at room temperature, dry environment, to avoid placing in the environment of overheating and damp corrosion. If the surface of the insole has a beat or other abnormal phenomenon, please stop using. In order to make the lithium battery play the best performance, the battery in a long time, it is best to charge lithium battery once every three months, activate again to save