RESIVE:Intelligent heating insole controlled by mobile phone

  In the cold winter, all kinds of heating tools emerge in endlessly, but the warmth of the foot is also important. Shenzhen City Office for launched a unique tool for warm .RESIVE intelligent heating insole, the insole can well solve the problem of warm foot.


  Intelligent heating insole built-in RESIVE rechargeable battery, the longest can provide heating for five hours for the foot, when the detected user exceeds five minutes without moving, its built-in accelerometer can turn off the heating element to save electricity. In addition, the user can also set the heating temperature and other operations through the iOS/Android system's mobile phone App, very convenient.


  Shenzhen RESIVE Technology CO.,LTD.said, this smart heating insole uses a very comfortable material and the overall high level of security, after three years of development, the smart insole thickness is moderate, more important is its ergonomic design, has a very high degree of comfort.

  The RESIVE for smart appearance and ordinary insoles insoles basically no difference, so small volume but with intelligent heating, mobile phone App control and other functions, for technology enthusiasts will inevitably want to experience something.