Cool inventory of those products we make intelligent warm winter

  Introduction: it's said that this week is going to cool down again. What else can we get through the coming winter besides air conditioner? Maybe we can see the smart coat, smart heating boots and so on.


  It's said that it's going to cool down again this week. What else can we get through the winter instead of air conditioning?

  Smart coat: minutes to warm men"


  There may be a variety of heating clothes sold on the market, such as Evolve Hoodie and Ravean gear, including Bosideng, Heng Yuan Xiang, Le also have some products can achieve self heating, cold weather was really warm and comfortable to wear. The basic principle is that the material is heated by USB, and the battery life depends on the battery capacity and the set temperature (low, medium, high), and the longest thermal retention time can reach up to one day.

  Smart gloves: essential for outdoor sports


  Hand as the end of human limbs, because of blood circulation, especially easy to chill, more need our care. In addition to traditional gloves, there are a lot of gloves can also adjust the internal temperature through the phone, so that more conducive to hand blood circulation.

  Intelligent water cup: warm in mind


  There are a lot of smart cups on the market, and we don't mention them one by one. Most intelligent water cups have temperature control system and recording module, which can give the drinks a long time to keep warm, but also intimate reminders, drink plenty of water, which is more humane in the northern dry winter.

  Smart phone: embarrassing portable warm baby


  Generally speaking, in the winter, everyone will put their hands into their pockets, but after the smartphone appears, no matter how cold it is, they will hold the mobile phone. With the function of mobile phones more and more, in the process of operation and resolution, processor fever is becoming more and more obvious. If the phone is not optimized enough, this temperature will spread to the user's hands, so the most embarrassing portable warm baby was born.

  Intelligent insole: warm feet artifact


  Smart insole is for people to RESIVE in cold area, as well as playing ice play snow lovers. The built-in battery is used for heating, warm feet. And the intelligence can be linked with mobile phone App, to control the insole temperature, to ensure that outdoors is not cold, not hot in the hot room.