Winter: necessary for the intelligent heating insoles RESIVE

  In the field of intelligent wear, only intelligent shoes seems to be insufficient, and in the near future, the emergence of intelligent insoles new equipment. In the cold winter, the body can add clothes to keep warm, but the toes, no matter how thick socks they wear, still feel particularly cold. Scientists have developed the heating insoles, to bring your feet warm in winter.



  However, say intelligent insole, a lot of products and smart shoes are no different, still positioning function. Take a look at the out of the ordinary RESIVE intelligent insole, it can warm your feet.

  For the RESIVE and the general appearance of insole is, but at the bottom of a built-in USB interface and a switch. With the heating element, in order to RESIVE to your feet cold.


  Intimate, if users feel which foot more cold, through the mobile phone APP can be adjusted to rise temperature intelligent insole, intelligent heating insole will set the temperature between 35-50 degrees Celsius, very sweet.

  The autumn rain is approaching and the weather is getting cooler. If you have such a pair of insoles, you will be very happy.